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11 Restaurant Reservation Apps

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Today’s diners want a seamless experience, beginning with making their reservation. Hence the high demand for online reservation systems. Typically in the format of an app, these online reservation systems enable customers to manage bookings digitally. Using a restaurant reservation app is important to help restaurant businesses meet evolving demands for greater convenience and improved customer experience.

Apps Your Customers Can Use to Make Restaurant Reservations

We’ve listed 11 of the best restaurant reservation apps to get you started on choosing the best reservation system for your business.

1. Tablein

With the Tablein app, restaurant businesses can stop wasting time on admin tasks, such as answering phone calls, replying to emails, and social media integrations. The app allows guests to book a table online 24/7 with ease and convenience.

A clearly laid-out reservation system information of the app helps owners avoid receiving customer complaints.

Tablein Price Information

The Basic Tablein plan, which enables up to 150 table reservations per month, costs $80 monthly. The Premium plan which includes unlimited bookings costs $115 per month.

2. Opentable

The OpenTable app provides a whole service solution for any restaurant type. OpenTable offers more features than most apps, including capacity management and discounts/yield management. The app features guest management tools that enable businesses to understand their customers more and, consequently, provide a better customer experience.

Through the app’s data analytics, owners have better knowledge about the effectiveness of its operations. Asides from making reservations, customers can read customer reviews and recommendations on OpenTable’s reservation system.

Opentable Price information

The OpenTable reservation system is available through the Connect and GuestCenter plans. Connect costs $0 per month, and $2.50 per cover. GuestCenter costs $249 per month, plus $1 per seated online cover.

3. Eat App

Eat App is a powerful online reservation and guest management system that is sufficiently flexible for all business sizes. Through table management, integrations and automation, restaurant businesses can become more efficient.

By capturing guest data, you can personalize interaction with guests by tracking regulars and welcoming them back with personalized information.

Eat App Price Information

There are three different Eat App restaurant reservation plans available. The Basic Plan costs $119 per month. The Pro Plan is charged at $209 monthly and the cost of the Enterprise Plan is available on request.

4. Yelp Reservation

Yelp Reservations connects customers with local restaurants. The Yelp restaurant reservation software gives clients access to its customer-facing reservation platform Yelp.com.

The powerful Yelp restaurant reservation software provides comprehensive features, including waitlist management and table management. Yelp restaurant reservation software also provides two-way diner messaging, making collaboration between customers and businesses easier.

The Yelp restaurant reservation app also includes basic reporting and analytics, and server management. With accurate wait time, the Yelp Waitlist helps keep customers happy and tables turning faster.

Yelp Reservation Price Information

Yelps Reservations comes at a monthly flat rate of $249, which includes waitlist management and online reservation. With the Yelp restaurant reservation app, the is no set-up fee, and, unlike other booking apps, there is no cost per cover.

5. Resy

The Resy restaurant reservation app eliminates the time-consuming nature of making restaurant reservations. Through the Resy restaurant reservation software, establishments can notify guests if a reservation for a table is available, thereby maximizing revenue despite restricted capacity.

The ‘Resy At Home’ feature of its restaurant reservation software enables businesses to create virtual and popup events.

Dining establishments can also customize and automate confirmation texts to save time and decrease no-show rates.

Resy Price Information

Resy’s restaurant reservation software comes in three price platforms, all of which are free until June 2021.

Typically, the Basic Platform costs $249 per month. The Pro Platform 360 is a full-service solution with dedicated support and coveted customizations. This costs $399 a month.

The Enterprise Full-Stack Platform costs $899 per month and comes with deeper insights with custom metrics and reporting.

6. Tock

Customers can order delivery and pickup from their favorite place using the Tock app. Through Tock’s restaurant reservation software customers can also make reservations for tables.

Businesses can manage reservations, pickup, delivery, and special events all on the same Tock platform, thereby helping dining businesses drive revenue.

The system includes an upgraded waiting list, two-way messaging, pre-dining questionnaires, and real-time changes to floor plans.

It does not however have capacity management, meaning businesses are unable to determine when they are getting closer to full table capacity.

Tock Price Information

The Tock Plus Plan includes a complete reservation, table, takeout, event, and a guest management system, including unlimited covers, users, and devices at a cost of $199 per month.

The Pro Plan includes 0% reservation fees at a cost of $699 monthly.

The Enterprise Plan features live product training, advanced administrative tools, and more. Cost is available upon request. More details about the system can be found on the Tock website.

7. Table Agent

TableAgent is a restaurant reservation system in the cloud, enabling customers to make, manage and access their reservations from any device.

This restaurant reservation systems app might be more basic than the other more comprehensive apps, lacking features like a floor plan arrangement system and SMS messaging, ad a POS system, but it’s easy to use, requires no software installation and no monthly fees.

Table Agent Price Information

Unlike other restaurant reservation apps, the TableAgent restaurant reservation software is free, making it a great solution for places struggling with cash flow. More details about the system can be found on the TableAgent restaurant website page.

8. I Know the Chef

I Know the Chef is a members-only app that enables users to secure prime tables and get treated like a VIP in participating in top spots in New York, Miami, and Chicago.

According to the company’s website, the app means top restaurants and private chefs can get to know their guests before they arrive, arrange their floor plan with greater confidence, and provide a personalized and pampered experience for their visitors.

I Know the Chef Price Information

Usage of I Knows the Chef’s restaurant reservation software isn’t cheap though, coming at a yearly price tag of $250 or $10 for a one-time transaction. Restaurants wanting to partner with I Know the Chef can contact the company for information on pricing.

9. Wisely

Wisely‘s restaurant reservation software provides flexible solutions for businesses designed to help them bridge the gap between guest data and guest experience. Features of the app include a digital front door for guests. In addition, the app boasts a feature that greets, seats, and manages their dining area and an all-in-one CRM that makes insights accessible and actionable.

Wisely Price Information

As Wisely’s website informs, businesses can request pricing information of Wisley’s three different platforms, including a marketing automation plan, a host, reservation and waitlist plan, and an integrated intelligence plan.

10. Venuelytics

VenueLytics‘s restaurant reservation software comprises contacts data analytics and is essentially a guest experience platform designed to help increase customer satisfaction, direct bookings, and revenue.

The platform helps businesses achieve greater success via enabling contactless engagement and personalized communications. Through the sending of surveys, the app gathers real-time feedback and ratings while guests are at the venue.

Venuelytics Price Information

Owners should contact VenueLytics for information about the packaging and pricing of its restaurant reservation software. More details can be found on the Venueltyics restaurant website page.

11. Eveve

Through a user-friendly reservation system using efficient table management software in which customers can make bookings 24/7, Eveve helps restaurant businesses accept more reservations, seat more diners, and even turn casual diners into regulars.

Dining venues can interact with customers about availability during the booking process and send automatic confirmation within seconds.

Alternative dates are offered when the desired date is fully booked, thereby maximizing reservations. Eveve says it is the only leading restaurant reservation software provider which also provides fully integrated POS.

Eveve Price Information

Restaurants should contact Eveve for details on their table management systems and table management features pricing. Details for contacting Eveve Eveve can be found on its website.

What is an Online Restaurant Reservation System?

An online restaurant reservation system is a digital booking widget tool that enables customers to make reservations for businesses in a simple, convenient, and quick way. The idea is that through a simplified method of booking tables, businesses that use this software can benefit from increased customer satisfaction.

As well as meeting customer demand for quick and convenient online reservation processes and more streamlined customer service, it can save wait staff time by making their establishment more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable.

What is the Best Restaurant Reservation System?

Depending on their unique requirements and desired results, different reservation apps and systems may be better for different types of restaurants. For example, a small restaurant that is strapped for cash would benefit from a cheaper or, better still, free online reservation app like TableAgent.


Tablein is a top online reservation app for restaurants that are on the small side and have limited capacity due to its powerful capacity control abilities. Though lacking POS integrations and waitlist management, Tablein would not be as suitable for large, high-volume establishments.


Resy is another leading online reservation app. As all the systems are free until June 2021, Resy is especially favorable for dining venues that are struggling financially during these challenging times, giving them a platform to manage bookings conveniently without the price tag that can go with it.

Eat App

Eat App provides an all-in-one functionality to overseas table bookings and to plan for reservation occupancy limits. With user-friendly systems including visual layouts and editing tools, Eat App is great for restaurants that might be limited in terms of technical experience and know-how.

Is RESY better than OpenTable?

Resy and OpenTable are both leading table management system providers for the restaurant industry. Both have pluses and minuses for different types of restaurants.

Resy Pros

  • One of Resy’s pros is its flat monthly pricing options, restaurants can stay on top of costs associated with reservation management with the Resy app.
  • The app also enables businesses to collaborate with guests via a two-way SMS system, streamlining communication with customers. This includes and Airbnb and Resy collaboration.
  • Resy also claims to help generate a no-show rate of just 3%, meaning money less money is lost through no-shows.

Resy Cons

  • Resy’s basic plan might be less than OpenTable’s, but to benefit from all the features, it can end up costing more than $500 per month. This makes Resy an unsuitable choice for small restaurants or those without a large budget to spend on software and systems.
  • The diner network is small with Resy, which could prove to limit eating venues.
  • There is not much in terms of marketing support with the Resy app, meaning it is less suitable for businesses looking to market their menus and services through social media accounts and other marketing forums.

OpenTable Pros

  • One advantage of the OpenTable app is that by increasing exposure via the system, restaurants can have access to a larger pool of diners, which could prove invaluable in boosting restaurant capacity.
  • The comprehensive reservation and guest management features enable businesses to stay organized and manage guests with greater proficiency.
  • The app’s diner loyalty system means businesses can leverage it as a marketing channel.

OpenTable Cons

  • One of the cons associated with OpenTable is that cover charges can quickly mount up, making it an expensive choice for restaurants struggling with cash flow and profit.
  • OpenTable retains control of the customer meaning businesses are unable to build a private customer database that could be invaluable in growing their business.

What features should you look for in restaurant reservation systems?

Before choosing which reservation software to opt for, restaurant businesses should consider the following features:

  • Online reservation enabling customers to reserve tables with ease and efficiency
  • Pre-payments meaning restaurants make sales before their guests enter their premises.
  • Capacity management to reference how well a business is managing traffic from on and off-site orders.
  • SMS confirmation to reduce the time it takes to confirm a table, so businesses can utilize staff time elsewhere.
  • Table management for ultimate dining room organization.
  • Waitlist management to predict the flow of guests and subsequently, reduce wait times and improve the customer experience.
  • POS integration to simplify the booking process.
  • Personalization to letting restaurants collect and leverage customer information to create a more personalized dining experience.
  • Brand and website integration to ensure the reservation system looks and feels like its part of a dining business’s brand.
  • Marketing strategy to enable restaurants to market their business to increase the number of booking confirmations.

How do you organize restaurant reservations?

When done inefficiently or incorrectly, restaurant reservation management can lead to frustrated customers around the world, accompanied by empty tables, and a lack of profits. It is therefore within every restaurant’s interest to successfully manage reservations through the right technology.

  • Using an app as a reservation platform system is one of the most effective ways to efficiently manage bookings, freeing up staff time and satisfying customers.
  • Placing time limits on reserved tables can help avoid confusion or disappointment among customers.
  • Using the waitlist management feature that is available on most apps is a great way to predict the flow of guests.
  • POS integration can also help modern businesses meet ever-evolving customer needs by making the restaurant reservation process simpler, faster, and easier. POS integration is invaluable in organizing restaurant reservations.
  • Using an app with a user-friendly interface that can be used with ease on any device and that is simple to navigate will make life easier for both customers and staff.
  • It is vital that sensitive customer transaction data is fully protected to help create customer trust and loyalty towards and restaurant. It is therefore important that restaurant reservations are made using a safe and secure booking app.

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