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7 Free Ways To Promote Your New Website

7 Free Ways To Promote Your New Website
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Starting a business on a tight budget is very challenging. Primarily, you tend to find ways by searching for free resources, free tools, and free services to build your new website. And once you have finished building your website, you have to introduce your company and present your products and services. You have done creating promos to catch your target audience’s attention, but all your promotions have failed to produce growth in your new internet business.

Now maybe you’re blaming yourself that this is due to the lack of money to finance the high cost of advertising. But did you know that there are many free ways to promote your new website? These days, new websites can drive massive traffic for free all the time with the use of free online promotions. Free web promotion is an ideal method to make your products and services known to several prospective internet clients. However, you may be missing the right strategy when it comes to website promotion.

Below are the 7 ways to promote your new website for free.

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1. Submit your website to the search engine.

One of the best free ways of driving massive traffic to your website is to get indexed on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Once you’ve done setting up your website, integrate it manually into the search console. 

Submitting a website to the search engine is free and pretty simple to do and doesn’t require a webmaster. Just set up on Search Console and verify your website ownership. Copy the DNS TXT record, then add it to your domain name provider. If you are using WordPress, copy the HTML code from the search console and paste it onto the header section of your web pages.  Moreover, you have to optimize your webpage for the best result in SEO if you want your customers to find you in the search engine. That’s like that, and you’ve done.

2. Business Directory Listing

Adding your business to a free Business Directory Listing site will get your website ranked higher for relevant web searches. And your business site’s authority will increase as well. It’s also one of the easiest and most effective free website promotion strategies. Apart from Google, Bing, and social media networks, there are more than a hundred Directory Listings available online. For general categories, you can submit your website to The Big Web Directory, YellowPages, HotFrog, and CitySearch. Moreover, there are specific directory listing sites for specific businesses, such as Zomato for restaurants and AirBnB for property rental.

3. Forum and Discussions

The motivation behind why forum sites are made is for everybody for free business promotion. Just create an account and post actively on the message board. From there, you can attract visitors instantly. Let them know about your site with every post or conversation you have created. Input your email address too so they have an option to contact you in return. The most popular forum sites around are Reddit and Quora.

4. Write a press release.

As part of a free website promotion, you have to write an effective press release to promote your site. If writing is out of your trade, in today’s age of media technology, it is no longer a crunch. There are a lot of free guides and samples available to portray online. You can type a few short paragraphs and send them to your friends, colleagues, internet e-zines, newspapers, and other media to let them know your latest news. Let’s say your website is about health and nutrition, compose an article about the advantages of exercising and taking supplements with their daily diet.

5. Create A Blog Post

Creating content for your site is a great way of ramping up website exposure. Write a killer headline for each of your posts. An impressive headline will make people click and read your article. You have to create content regularly if you want your readers to keep coming back, or else they will move on to other blogs. Moreover, make your blog optimize for SEO to get more and more readers. All of your articles should have a share button to allow your readers easily share your posts on social media.

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6. Free Classified Ads

Posting free ads in the right places is another way to promote your website. It’s a good chance that many people will view your ad, which in turn will prompt a positive reaction for your business. You can post a job vacancy, sell items, and offer services. Check out these popular classified ads sites: OLX, eBay Classified Ads, Locanto, Craigslist, and Classifiedads.com

7. Join Traffic Exchange.

If you have free time for 1 hour a day, you can join some traffic exchanges. Traffic exchange is one of the best high-traffic promotional tools on the world wide web. These days, traffic exchange advertising is becoming very fast-paced when it comes to website promotion. Already more than a million users are benefiting from the program, and it’s free to join. The concept is pretty simple: add your website, view other members’ websites, and they will view yours in return. Traffic exchanges (TE) usually provide a custom-built click and surf system to earn traffic every time you visit another member’s website.

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