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Flippa Launches Partner Market to Benefit Online Businesses

Flippa Partner Market
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Flippa, a leading marketplace for the buying and selling of online businesses and digital assets, has unveiled a new initiative designed to benefit online businesses, the new Flippa Partner Market.

Flippa Partner Market

The new Flippa Partner Market is a community-driven marketplace, which provides growth services to small businesses.

The services include digital marketing and web design, delivered by a selection of pre-vetted professionals and/or agencies.

The disruption of the last two years has escalated demand for online products and services. For small businesses to be competitive, successful, and profitable, it is more important than ever that they maintain a robust online profile that reaches out and resonates with their target audience.

A Useful Resource for Online Businesses

This is where the Flippa Partner Market could prove an incredibly useful resource for online businesses that are struggling to get the most out of digital marketing campaigns.

As Jane Ingram, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Flippa, comments: “Flippa is now helping investors, buyers and acquisition entrepreneurs to grow.

“We have curated an initial set of partners from our community of over 3m registered users and will now carefully expand this expert marketplace to help with the next stage of the buyer’s life cycle – growth,” Ingram continued.

Digital Assistance Designed for Growth

Through tapping into Flippa’s digital marketing and growth partners, the community-driven marketplace will provide businesses with the digital marketing assistance they need to nurture and sustain growth.

There are currently around 16 expert partners featured on the Flippa Partner Market. Collectively these partners offer around 50 different service packages in 13 different categories. The categories include digital marketing consulting, social media strategy, web design, copywriting, graphic design, SEO management, hosting, and virtual assistance.

Flippa expects to have around 100 partners involved in the community network program by the end of the next quarter.

Ongoing Assistance or One-Off Support

The partners are available to be hired as an ongoing service or for a one-off job. There is no additional cost for users of Flippa to hire contractors via the Flippa Partner Market, other than the fee for the service they have signed up to.

Packages range from $96 a month for a basic ad copywriting service, to several hundred dollars a month for a comprehensive marketing consulting and social media management campaign.

By teaming up with an expert in the many different aspects of digital marketing, small businesses are not only more likely to benefit from more effective digital marketing efforts, but it will also free up their time to concentrate on the operating of their business.

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