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The 4 Benefits of Working from Home

The 4 Benefits of Working from Home
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Working from home sounds like a great idea, but it isn’t for everyone. For example, if there are lots of distractions in your house, you’re probably more productive in a different location. Sometimes, people have a hard time getting started in their pajamas. The couch is right there and the remote is so close by. But working from home doesn’t mean you literally have to be at home. You could head to a co-working space – the ones that are still open. Or you can create a quiet space within your home – away from that remote and the kids. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the 4 benefits of working from home and give you some tips on how to make your time away from the office productive.

1. The Gift of Time

If you commute to work, working from home means you’ve been given the gift of time. There’s no need to fight traffic, deal with unexpected car problems, or waste hours on the road every day. You simply get up, do your morning routine, sit down, and work.

2. Easy Communication

With programs like Trello, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, and Skype, there are multiple ways to communicate with co-workers. Instead of flagging someone down in the hallway or waiting for their email, simply send them an instant message. Some of these programs even let you download an app on your phone. You can stay in touch if you decide to run out of some extra toilet paper.

3. Increased Productivity

For people who can carve out the kind of workspace they need, productivity can increase at home. Your time is yours and you do work at your own pace. There’s no supervisor looking over your shoulder and no buzzing fluorescent light to dim your spirits. You’re in the comfort of your own home, so own that work!

4. More Family or Leisure Time

This article is being written at a beachside flat in Boracay that’s surrounded by blue skies and chirping birds and the comforting sound of crashing waves. For lunch, there may be a quick swim followed by takeout from a local restaurant. Or there might be an afternoon nap before work is finished this evening. Having the time and freedom to do the things that you like, whenever you like, is probably the biggest advantage of working from home.

Remember, not everyone can sit at a desk for 8 hours. Some of us like to get up and move around. We can punch out the work in a couple of hours instead of dragging ourselves to the 5 pm finish line. Condensing your day and duties gives you more time with your loved ones. This, in turn, can make you a happier and more motivated employee.

It’s Not for Everyone or Every Job

Not everyone is suited to work from home. Not every job is suited to be done at a distance. However, if you’re one of the lucky people who have the self-discipline to work remotely, then no city shut down or nationwide quarantine can bring your productivity down. So once you’ve settled into your online routine, treat yourself at the end of the day with some time with that remote control. You’ve earned it!

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