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5 Simple Tips to Use Video Reviews to Grow Your Business

5 Simple Tips to Use Video Reviews to Grow Your Business
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Testimonials and reviews are essential to driving sales online now. This is because, over the past few years, most people have faced scams and fake news stories that have made them suspicious. Adding simple reviews can increase sales, as 63% of customers are more likely to purchase from a site that has reviews.  Written reviews can help your eCommerce store flourish, especially if your products cost less than $100. But when you sell high-end products such as consulting or coaching services, a simple written review or star rating won’t suffice. 

Tips for Using Video Reviews

You need to upgrade them to video reviews. Video reviews look more realistic as people can see the client say nice things about your business. They won’t need to wonder if the review is real or made up. But just publishing any video review won’t get the job done. You need to approach this strategically and share the right review in the right way. I am going to show you how to do this below.

Understand your audience persona

When people watch video testimonials, they are not just looking for proof that your coaching program works. They also want to see themselves accomplishing the result you claim you will help them reach. It’s your job to make it easy for them to picture this. You need to show video testimonials from people they can associate with. The person reciting the testimonial needs to have a similar backstory as them, and they need to have achieved what your target audience wants to achieve.  Do a lot of audience research to figure out who your audience is, what their current situation is, and where they want to be. You can start this research with surveys and interviews and then compile the data into empathy maps, personas, and market maps. 

Ask clients to create the videos

Once you know your audience, you can choose the right candidates (clients) for creating the videos. 

Simply ask your clients to inform people about their experience with the program. Ask them to tell the readers a bit about themselves, what was their need in the first place, and how it helped them. Don’t try to give them a strong direction as the reviews will appear scripted. 

For some ideas, check out the video reviews on the Clients on Demand’s testimonials channel. You’ll find that there is no format for the video reviews. There are different lengths and styles. 

You can dictate the flow and tempo and improve quality if you hire a team of experts to help you out, but it won’t look natural. 

Publish on Vimeo

There are many sites like YouTube and Facebook, where you can share your videos for free. But I recommend you to avoid those networks and instead get a paid Vimeo plan and share your videos there. 

This is because, after your video finishes, you need to send people to a landing page where they can sign up for a lead magnet or a consultation call. You can share the links on Facebook and YouTube videos, but the problem with these networks is that after the videos finish, they recommend videos on other channels. 

This can reduce the number of clicks your calls to action links get. If you get a Vimeo Pro account, you can remove the recommendations.

Build a funnel around the testimonials

When you share a call to action in your videos, you will naturally have a basic funnel. But I want you to go beyond that and make these videos a part of your overall marketing funnel. Add them to landing pages, share links to the videos in your email sequences, and even share them in ads. 

And when people watch these videos, you should retarget them with ads on other platforms. Vimeo makes it possible to add pixels from ad platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Take advantage of this. 

When you retarget people, make sure you use video ads. They just watched a video, so they probably prefer watching video content. 

Create a lot of testimonials, test, and gather data

You should create several testimonials. They should all satisfy the needs of the different personas you want to target. When creating testimonials for the different personas, you should also experiment with different video lengths, using subtitles, trying out new funnels, etc., to see which one works best. You can use the information you obtain not just to improve your testimonial videos but your entire coaching funnel. 


This the step-by-step process for creating and using video reviews to grow your coaching business. 

Start by figuring out who your target audience is, then work with the most relevant clients and create your videos. Next, publish the videos on a private video hosting platform such as Vimeo and build a funnel around them. 

After that, promote the videos and funnels and watch sales come in. But don’t stop here. Instead, continue testing and tweaking different versions of the testimonials to boost your conversion rate. 


This article, “5 Simple Tips to Use Video Reviews to Grow Your Business” was first published in Small Business Trends

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